The Pros and Cons of Picking Your Spots

A long time ago, in the heydays of the great Analytics War, Dimitri Filipovich posed what is still perhaps the most simplistic and yet most illuminating blueprint for success as an NHL General Manager: Identify the dumb GMs and call them every day. It’s the type of quote that is so confoundingly accurate, it leads…


Marner’s name added to the TSN Trade Bait board

I admit to be a sucker for trades, rumours, and speculation. I also am aware that I’m a total rube when it comes to this and that most of this is hype that has very little chance of happening. Still, I want to believe that exciting things are going to happen, and that’s why I…


Leafs Announce 2019 Preseason Schedule

Just days before the 2019 NHL Draft starts, the first notion that the offseason has started was released. I’m sure every single fan is clamouring to find out when the Toronto Maple Leafs will play their preseason games before the 2019-20 season.