More details on Kappy and Johnsson extensions revealed

Last night, word has surfaced that Kapanen is close to reaching an extension with the Leafs, although we had no word as to what the contract looked like.

Now, not only do we have more details, but we also have word on Johnsson getting close to an extension as well.

First, the Bobfather revealed that Kapanen is close to a three year extension in the range of $3.2-3.4 million.

And shortly after, Dreger took a break from negotiating the Mitch Marner contract to give us details on a Johnsson extension.

Both of these contracts come in the wake of the Patrick Marleau trade earlier today, and by the looks of it, these deals will essentially take up the cap space that Marleau’s deal would have. Losing the first sucked, but if it means getting cap space freed up to make these deals, I’m down.

Between the Marleau trade, some of these picks, and potentially getting Kapanen and Johnsson locked up for under $7 million is a huge win today for Dubas.

However, neither deal is official, but they’re both close, and at this point, waiting to see what happens with the Mitch Marner situation, and what his contract looks like before either contract is confirmed.

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