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It sure sounds like Jason Spezza’s taking a league minimum deal to play in Toronto

A new fourth-line centre? Don’t mind if I do!

Coming in this morning from one Bob McKenzie, the sweetest words one could possibly muster: Jason Spezza is looking to sign a one-year deal as a Toronto Maple Leaf.

McKenzie posted a follow-up tweet, stating that the deal is likely to be in the $700k range.

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Jason Spezza, as you probably know, has had quite the illustrious career. Just over a point–per-game guy in his time in Ottawa (687 in 686), his five years in Dallas have seen him transition from solid third option to… still useful aging vet. Now 36, Spezza is coming off an eight-goal, 19 assist season while putting up about 13 minutes a night of ice time. Seeing as Frederik Gauthier put up numbers of three goals and 11 assists, we can reasonably expect that Jason Spezza is about twice as good.

After scoring 19 goals and 39 assists in 65 career games against the Leafs,  Spezza can now put up similar numbers in just one age 36 season. Probably.

Hey, here’s a chart! Assuming Gauthier is being replaced, essentially, we can tell via this one graph alone that it was a very successful signing! Instead of two clearly awful lines and one good one, we have two slightly bad lines and three average ones! Great work Kyle!

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(Courtesy Evolving-Hockey.com)

See you on the ice, Jason.

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