How many bridges has Marner potentially burned?

Does anybody even like Marner anymore? Like Red Bull tastes bad now because I associate it with this negotiation. I’m probably gonna have to change my insurance provider. — Todd™ (@Totally_Offside) September 10, 2019 I’m willing to bet there’s a little hyperbole from ol’ Todd in this tweet, but nevertheless, here I am pondering its…


Mitch Marner wants the world and a $15-million qualifying offer

The pressure is on. Teams are starting to get together and preparing for the 82 games that are ahead of them in less than a month, but some prime young stars are still on the sidelines as restricted free agents. Apparently, some of them don’t want to accept a historic long-term deal for their hometown…


Chris Johnston Gives Us the Offseason’s First Reasonable Marner Take

Well, this feels different, doesn’t it? Especially given what the past six months have brought forth. Fresh off a summer in which countless “reports” of the contract demands of one Mitch Marner blacked out the sky and snuffed out the sun, being treated to what is an otherwise level-headed breakdown of the situation is like…


Will Freddie Gauthier be a Leaf this season?

This is another in my questions you’ll automatically answer “no” to series. Having also written about Matt Read and Ben Harpur earlier, I feel I’m embarking on an unfortunate trend of writing about replacement level players who barely fit into the Toronto Maple Leafs plans going forward. This seems like a ridiculous endeavour, but unfortunately,…


2019 Leafs Prospect Rankings – The Maybes: Jeremy Bracco

Jeremy Bracco Position: RW Physical: 5’9″, 181 pounds 2018 TLN Prospect Ranking: #5 Draft Information: 2nd round, 61st overall in 2015 Here’s the thing about Jeremy Bracco: no matter what you think of him, no matter how high or how low you are on his future in the NHL, there are at least three people…


Is the Leafs’ analytics department being left in the dust?

For those who might be unfamiliar with the story, here is a quick rundown of how the Leafs came to put together their analytics department when Kyle Dubas was hired in 2014: In that summer, Toronto hired Cam Charron (then-editor of this very website), Rob Pettapiece, and Darryl Metcalfe to create a small group of…


Toronto Maple Leafs 2019/20 Season Betting Preview

by OddsShark (@OddsShark) – Sponsored Post The Toronto Maple Leafs are hoping to become the first Canadian Stanley Cup champion  since the Montreal Canadiens won it all in 1993, and the NHL odds at sportsbooks monitored by OddsShark.com are in their favor over almost everyone except the Tampa Bay Lightning.