Photo Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

REPORT: Leafs and Marner agree to an extension

After what seemed like centuries, the Mitch Marner saga appears to be over.

This comes after a long, and I mean long, period where we saw Mitch’s camp and the Leafs go back and forth, with what seemed like very little middle ground.

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Numerous problems arose because of it. Mitch only wanted Matthews money. Mitch wanted to be the guy in Toronto. Mitch didn’t like that he didn’t have signing bonuses on his ELC. It seemed like a lot of things were said that shattered the image of the innocent persona that Marner had managed to make in his first few years.

Regardless, he is now signed, and we can finally just enjoy having him play on the Toronto Maple Leafs for at least six years.

Despite all the slander, Marner is far from a bad player. He’s accumulated 224 points so far through his first three seasons, including his 94 point breakout year alongside Tavares this year.

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And here’s the AAV. Yikes, that’s still not good. Marner is great and all, and he’ll probably be worth that money in a couple years, but still, this makes him the second highest paid winger in the league. I’d rather overpay him at 22 than at 28, but still, the Leafs seemed to have caved on this one. Not a good look.