How to choose the best Sports Watches?

Are you more active than usual lately? Do you feel the adrenaline in your body? They are the signs of good routine, play sports and keep fit. Well, to get to the next level, your best ally is to have a “Sports Watch” that shows you in detail the statistics of your daily activity.

We are in an era where keeping fit is the order of the day. A good diet and sports is the basis of a healthy life. And we all know that practicing sport requires perseverance and dedication. To keep track of how much we have run or how many keystrokes we have at a given time, there are sports watches or smartwatches that will make this task quite easy.

If you are one of those who are starting to play sports or are already a born athlete, you have to buy a watch for sports with GPS.

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But stop! Before choosing a sports watch, I’m going to explain some things you should keep in mind when buying a smartwatch. 

Smartwatch and activity wristbands show you an estimate of daily activity (calorie consumption, steps, distance traveled) even some more advanced models can monitor sleep. While GPS watches can record the distances traveled only when we activate it on our watch. It is not always connected since the GPS built into the watch is much more powerful and precise than the activity wristbands but it needs a lot of battery for its operation. So that GPS watches are the most used in athletics competition, to play golf or even for those who practice trekking. It also offers extra data such as pulsations, unevenness or our oxygen consumption.

So what kind of watch to buy?

If you practice sports occasionally with an activity wristband or smartwatch it is more than enough instead if you are looking for precision and advanced measures, yours is a GPS watch.

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Features to consider in a GPS Watch

Before choosing our watch, we have to be clear so that we are going to use it since there are models that are better for certain sports. You should know how long you are going to use them and how often. But don’t worry that if you don’t know anything about these watches with the following information you have a good starting point to choose the best watch with GPS.

Battery duration

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This is the most important point to look at. Imagine you are preparing for a marathon or you are going to climb Everest. You need your watch to be on for as long as possible. And if you add that you activate the GPS, you put them to track all the movements, etc … well, you will need a nuclear station next door. You should choose watch models from well-known brands such as Garmin, Polar or Samsung since they have watches with large batteries. Many times the same manufacturer provides estimated data on battery life but it will never be reliable data. So also look at the comments of other people who bought that watch, ask your friends or the same comments they put on Amazon can help you.

Positioning system

Another important factor of our GPS watch is that thanks to this positioning system we can record our routes covered with all kinds of details, but if it suddenly starts to rain, you cross an area with many trees or in a tunnel, your GPS goes lose the signal or it will show you incorrect data. However, there are models that have the GPS system with GLONASS which is nothing more and nothing less than a geolocation system invented by the USSR. With this system, if the GPS fails, the GLONASS goes into action and makes use of 31 satellites to obtain your location in a much more precise way.

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One thing for sure, both sportwatches and smartwatches have an important role in our daily activities. Want to buy the watches online? Just click here!