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Petan, Agostino, Gravel, and Wilson cleared and can go about their Marlies business

Noon has come and gone and to shock of pretty much no one Nic Petan, Kenny Agostino, Kevin Gravel, and Garrett Wilson are still Leafs. Errr…Marlies. While there may have been some worry about Petan being an appealing option to other teams, he too made it to the Marlies, and will provide the Leafs with that sweet, sweet organizational depth we all crave.

Additionally, the Leafs didn’t make any additions via waivers, which isn’t too surprising given that they are sitting at 48 out of a max of 50 NHL contracts, have no money to bring in anyone beyond what Liljegren’s contract is, so $863,333, and there’s the whole matter of having faith in the guys who have been working with the team throughout training camp.

Other Claims

That’s unfortunate for those of us wanted to upgrade in goal.

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Who cares? Makes sense for a team that needs a Byfuglien replacement.

AHL Trades?

Now that the Leafs have moved everyone to the Marlies, and they can be dealt without needing to clear waivers again, I wonder if players like Nic Petan, Jordan Schmaltz, Ben Harpur, Kenny Agostino, and Pontus Aberg might hold some interest around the league. They all provide some value to the Leafs and that’s why they signed them, but making a trade for an upgrade on the third string goaltender isn’t something we should ignore. Nor does the appeal of testing out another team’s younger demotee like Josh Ho-Sang, who definitely needs to get out of the Islanders system and given a chance to prove himself.

If the Marlies are your thing, you’re probably pretty happy about deep they are now. They are once again in a situation where it doesn’t seem like it would be too difficult for them to hang with the bottom rungs on the NHL like the Senators or the Red Wings. Their top nine forwards, and top four defensemen all seem capable of more or less being bottom six or bottom pairing NHLers, maybe not in ideal situations, in a more or less sense. There doesn’t seem to be so many veterans that it is blocking the younger developing players from getting their ice time except maybe in the case of Hollowell and Duszak having to start in Newfoundland, but really, that’s not the worst thing to happen in history either.

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