Smartwatch for sports, what features should they have?

In recent years sports fans have received valuable support from technology thanks to smartwatches. These smart watches, in fact, are equipped with a large number of functions that allow you to monitor physical activity by evaluating intensities, the type of effort, recording workouts and much more.

On the market there are several smartwatches for sports so, before buying one, it is essential to know what parameters and features must be considered to focus on a product corresponding to your sports needs.

Naturally, the aesthetic factor cannot be ignored: the smartwatch is often worn not only during training sessions, but also in everyday life, so it is important that it reflects its own tastes. After talking about individual models like the Garmin Forerunner 235, below we will consider the main features that a sports smartwatch must have in order to be considered a true ally of your workout.

First you need to distinguish smartwatches from smartbands. The former, in fact, are real watches with a series of sports functions perfect for high-level athletes or amateurs and which vary according to the brand of the watch. Smartbands, instead, are bracelets more suitable for fitness and low impact physical activity: they have various functions, including that of a watch, but in a smaller number than a smartwatch.

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As for design, these sports watches mainly feature three different shapes of the dial: round, square or rectangular. This last form can be more developed in width or length.

The appearance of the watch is strongly influenced by the display which can be always or not. The always on displays are always active, just like a real watch. They are aesthetically more elegant and similar to traditional watches. Many smartwatches, on the other hand, go into stand-by when they are not used, so their displays turn off to turn back on only after arm movements or taps on the display itself. It should be emphasized that the always on smartwatches do not consume much more than the other models as the display functions of the screen are low energy consumption.

As for display technology, it can be LCD or OLED. The former are very suitable when doing sports in bright light; OLED screens, on the other hand, are more appreciated by those seeking a high contrast in the display.

Finally, it should be emphasized that most smartwatches have medium-large screen sizes and are not always indifferent to weight. At the time of purchase it is good to consider what the comfort is, avoiding buying models that feel too heavy for your wrist.

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The technical features are certainly the most important element in a smartwatch. Depending on your sporting needs, that is based on the type of activity that you practice, it may be more appropriate to choose one model of watch rather than another.

An example that allows you to immediately understand the different possibilities of using a watch is given by the monitoring function of swimming training. Most smartwatches are made for land sports and, despite being water resistant, they do not offer specific functions for swimming. Those who practice this sport or triathlon, will therefore have to pay the utmost attention to the acquisition, focusing on models that are suitable for monitoring in water.

Finally, taking into consideration the connectivity, it should be pointed out that today smartwatches are able to connect to their smartphone, thus being able to receive notifications of messages or even calls. The more advanced models present the slot for inserting the sim card and this allows you to train without having to carry your phone with you as the clock can also be used as a smartphone. Before purchasing it is necessary to check the connectivity and compatibility with your smartphone model: not all operating systems, in fact, ensure perfect compatibility and connection possibilities. For a safe purchase, we can suggest you to buy from