A new KHLer to start caring about

It is safe to say that the Ilya Mikheyev experiment has been well received so far. Much more debatable is that the Leafs had some modest success with Nikita Zaitsev initially, Soshnikov showed some promise, and that Igor Ozhiganov, was well, Igor Ozhiganov was an admirable attempt. What is safer to say is that the…


After Four: 4 Maple Leafs Who Have Impressed (So Far)

The 2019-20 NHL regular season is now four games old, which means there are four games of Toronto Maple Leafs hockey upon which to draw hard, definitive conclusions. Naturally, some players have greatly impressed — either by meeting their already-lofty expectations or simply not being the abject disasters most projected them to be. Others, however,…


Kasperi the Ghost

Is four games into the season too early to have an opinion on the performance of a player? Most definitely. Am I going to complain about Kapanen anyway? You betcha.