Weed Talk: 7 Athletes Who Advocate for the Use of Cannabis in Sports

Cannabis isn’t just something you smoke when you’re trying to have a good time. It has healing properties, both physical and mental. As such, many athletes have become advocates for the use of cannabis in sports. 

Wondering which athletes engage in this type of weed talk? Then read on. We’re going to discuss seven of the most prominent. 

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1. Ricky Williams

There is no athlete more famous for weed than Ricky Williams, the star NFL running back who once retired to smoke and meditate in the woods. Back then, Ricky was seen as a joke. These days, however, his involvement with marijuana has gained him respect. 

After leaving the NFL in 2012, Ricky went on to study herbalism and alternative holistic therapies. These studies would supplement his knowledge of cannabis, leading to the creation of his cannabis production company, Real Wellness. The company sells everything from THC and CBD products to a variety of other herbal remedies. 

Ricky states that the intention of his CBD vapes is to heal not only physical pain but mental pain as well. And as a man who’s suffered from both the aches of football and the mental anguish of social anxiety, he knows exactly what he’s talking about. 

2. Riley Cote

During his NHL days, Riley Cote was a goon, a tough guy, an enforcer. What you might not have known about Riley Cote, however, is that he was a cannabis user as well. In fact, Cote was such a fan of the substance that he would ingest it before every game as a means of treating anxiety and physical pain.

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Cote first picked up weed in his teen years when his sister was using it to treat the pain associated with her multiple sclerosis. But these days, he’s much more than just a user; he’s a cannabis advocate. 

Since founding the HempHeals Foundation in 2010, Cote has been at the forefront of cannabis advocacy in sports and elsewhere. His organization puts on events, provides relevant news, and raises awareness of cannabis’s positive effects. While he was just a marginal player in his NHL days, he has become a major player in his marijuana days. 

3. Cliff Robinson

Cliff Robinson served one of the longest tenures in NBA history, playing for a remarkable 18 seasons and putting up some pretty solid numbers in the process. And while we can’t be certain, this might have a little something to do with his marijuana use. 

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Robinson was a marijuana enthusiast over the entire span of his NBA career. He was such a fan, in fact, that he was actually arrested twice for marijuana possession during his playing days (guess he wasn’t buying his stuff at a weed dispensary). 

But Cliff never has and (seemingly) never will let anyone stand in his way. Not only has he publically advocated for the legalization of cannabis many times, but he’s also a member of the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana in Connecticut. While there are other NBA cannabis advocates in existence, none of them are on the level of Uncle Cliffy. 

4. Amy Van Dyken

You may not have heard of Amy Van Dyken, but there’s perhaps no athlete on earth who has benefitted from cannabis more than her. Van Dyken was a 6-time Olympic gold medalist in swimming. Unfortunately, in 2014, she was in an ATV accident, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. 

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While she’s now confined to a wheelchair, she has been able to make a comfortable life for herself through the use of CBD. She credits it almost entirely for the relief of her physical pain, stating that she refuses to live without it. 

Amy’s advocacy for cannabis has even lead to a partnership with CBD producer Kannaway. Using their platform, she hopes to turn as many individuals on to CBD as possible. 

5. Floyd Landis

Floyd Landis is most famously known as the guy who tested positive for PEDs after winning the 2006 Tour De France. However, that event has long passed him by. These days, he’s more known for his work with cannabis. 

Landis started his CBD company, Floyd’s of Leadville, with the intention to reduce hip and back pain. Well, it’s proven a success, and now his products are some of the most popular on the market today. 

It’s been quite a ride for the formerly-disgraced cyclist. He’s built up a positive reputation in the cannabis community and is helping many more than he ever hurt during his cycling career. 

6. Kyle Turley

If you remember Kyle Turley from his NFL days, you probably remember that he had some anger issues. This was most famously demonstrated when he ripped off an opposing player’s helmet and flung it across the field. 

Well, it turns out that Turley might have had a reason for his anger: he was suffering from painkiller-induced depression throughout his entire playing career. What got him out of that depression? According to him, medical marijuana. 

Turley is such a fan of marijuana, in fact, that he preaches its benefits to athletes throughout the world. He wants the world to recognize not only its physical benefits but its mental benefits as well. 

7. Avery Collins

Avery Collins gets high in two different ways: by smoking marijuana, and by running absurd distances without stopping. Avery Collins is an ultramarathoner and he runs up to 200 miles at a time. To deal with the physical and mental torment of his sport, he turns to cannabis. 

Collins’ is so open about his cannabis use, in fact, that he’s sponsored by a cannabis company, The Farm Marijuana Dispensary. As of right now, he’s the only ultramarathoner that holds this distinction. 

Enough With the Weed Talk…Onto the Leafs Talk

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