A Step by Step Guide on How to Fill a Propane Tank

Brass Valve closed on a propane tank

It’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to stop grilling during the winter. After all, great food is a year-round activity. So don’t put your outdoor grill in storage just yet.

Everyone has a preference for the type of grill they like to use. Some people love the smell of charcoal briquettes, while others prefer the ease, convenience, and reliability of cooking with propane.

If you enjoy propane, eventually the tank will need a refill. This article takes a look at how to fill a propane tank yourself. Keep reading to see the inside scoop for this simple process.

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Make Sure the Tank Can Be Refilled

Keep in mind that not every tank is designed for a propane refill. So the first thing you need to do is inspect your tank for a rectangular valve that serves as an overfilling protection device, or OPD.

If your tank doesn’t have this valve, it can’t be safely filled. 

Inspect the Tank for Damage

A damaged tank should never be filled with propane. Inspect the outside of the tank for dents or dings that could represent signs of potential danger. If you notice any irregularities, take the tank to be recycled and purchase a new one.

Check the Date

Every propane tank in use should be less than twelve years old. Check the date printed on the upper part of the metal handle, and if it’s out of date, it should be recycled as soon as possible because it’s likely not safe.

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Transferring Propane From Another Tank

The process of transferring propane between two tanks is actually rather simple. The key is to take all necessary safety precautions and make sure everything is properly connected.

Use a connector hose that is able to stretch between the two tanks. Then connect an end to each tank, screwing the connector counterclockwise onto the receptor port.

On the supply tank, it’s important to connect the hose to the supply port so that the propane will properly flow from the supply tank to the empty tank.

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Completing the Process

Open the valve on the supply tank until you hear the propane hissing through the hose. Cooling the empty tank with ice or cold water will help the propane transfer more smoothly. 

Keep in mind that the tank will heat up as it fills, so be sure to close the valve when it’s 80% full. Then open the bleeder valve using a screwdriver to make sure it isn’t overfilled. Let it bleed for a few seconds before tightening it again. Now you’re all set!

Easy Tips For How to Fill a Propane Tank

When you’re ready to grill out, you’d better make sure you have plenty of propane. Fortunately, the tips contained here for how to fill a propane tank will help make the process as fast and easy as possible.

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