The Everything Leafs Podcast Episode #9: Just Win, Baby

The Toronto Maple Leafs are on a roll and don’t look like they are planning on stopping the good times anytime soon. After four straight wins, Nick DeSouza and Kevin Papetti hold a mailbag episode of The Everything Leafs Podcast. As a result, this episode is full of answers to intriguing questions from our viewers.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a question!

0:30 Carolina game
1:50 Recapping a perfect week
8:15 Thoughts on the New Forward Lines
17:00 Leafs vs. Hurricanes Style of play
25:00 Why haven’t the Leafs traded Ceci?
30:10 Why did the Leafs misevaluate Holl for so long?
34:45 Who is the best right-shooting defenceman on Leafs?
37:15 Next Contracts for Engvall, Holl, and Mikheyev
53:00 Is one of Kapanen or Johnsson Expendable?
1:01:00 Would You Consider Trading Barrie?
1:10:00 Preview of Week Ahead and Final Thoughts


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