The Leafs are sitting on a mountain of wingers

Depth is good. This year has proved that, as the Leafs have suffered more than their fair share of injuries this season. I’m not knocking depth. The thing is cap space is pretty darn good too, and the Leafs spend an awful lot of it on forwards, and perhaps too much of it on wingers….


Kristians Rubins: Latvian Lightning

When the Leafs signed Filip Kral and Kristians Rubins earlier this week, they made a withdrawal from the Rainy Day Fund. The two left handed defencemen both showed much improvement this season, earning Entry Level Contracts when most 5th round picks and undrafted players do not. Kral is no longer eligible for the Canadian Hockey…


NHL History: Mats Sundin sets NHL goal record for Swedish-born players

It was on this day in 2002 that Toronto Maple Leafs captain, Mats Sundin, set a new record for Swedish-born players with his 395th career goal. On this day in 2002, Mats Sundin scored his 395th career NHL goal, becoming the leading goal-scorer among Sweden-born NHL players #Hockey365 #LeafsForever pic.twitter.com/DXHXidD6ae — Mike Commito (@mikecommito) April…


Marlies sign a couple of CHL stars

For me personally there are few things I want to do less in life than watch AHL hockey. Over the past few weeks, I’m shocked that my stance on that hasn’t particularly changed, as any hockey might be nice, but today’s signings test my stance a little more as I am a big fan of…