The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Own Rookie Rugby Team in 2020

Few sports are as exciting as rugby. It’s as if you took football, and amped it up a couple of notches!

Unfortunately, rugby hasn’t quite caught on in the United States quite yet. But you could be a part of the change that’s sure to come!

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By starting your own rookie rugby team and marketing it appropriately, you could kickstart rugby’s popularity in your own locality!

If you’re thinking about starting a rookie rugby team, but don’t know where to start, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with the ultimate guide with all the steps you need to start this team.

Find Your Best Rugby Players

Everyone knows any sports team has a few key players that are absolutely crucial to the team’s success. That’s why massive superstars exist in every sport. Professional basketball has Lebron James. The NHL used to have Wayne Gretzky. And you can’t even talk football without mentioning the legendary Tom Brady in the same breath.

Find those legendary players that are going to carry your team forward. You may need to go around your locality recruiting, taking out ads or speaking to local existing teams in an attempt to poach their players.

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Do whatever you can to find and attract the best rugby talent possible to give your new team a fighting chance.

Hire Staff If Necessary

A rookie rugby team may need some administrative staff in order to organize competitions, practices, coaching staff, et cetera. If you need to hire such staff, do so.

Pick the right folks that have a good amount of relevant sports management experience. And make sure to pay them well (use a tool like PayStubCreator if you’ll be doing the payroll by yourself).

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Start Competing in Tournaments

Once you have your team and your staff ready to go, you’re all ready to start participating in local leagues and tournaments. Figure out which leagues are the best competition and have the most popularity in the area, and sign up to compete.

There may be fees that are associated with playing in the league or tournament, but that’s all part of the game.

Develop a Fanbase By Leveraging Marketing Strategy

The final step is to develop a rabid fanbase. No team is anything without a solid fanbase, so you need to start marketing your team and your sport in order to develop such a fanbase.

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Take out television commercials, do contests and giveaways at your sporting events, invite kids’ rugby teams out to practice. In a short while, you’ll have a massive group of fans every time your team takes the field.

How to Start a Rookie Rugby Team, Made Simple

There you have it — all the information you need to start a rookie rugby team. Best of luck as you tackle creating a team in one of the world’s most fearless sports!

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