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Muzzin, Moore recalled from conditioning loans in the AHL

It looks like the Leafs might actually start to get healthy.

*remembers that Rielly is still out for a couple months and Mikheyev is out until the playoffs*

Ok, maybe not, but at least we’re getting a couple people back.

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All signs up to this point have them playing on Monday night against Nashville.

For Trevor Moore, this will be just his second game since November 15, as a few injuries have plagued him this season. It’s been a slightly disappointing season for Moore, as he only has five points in 22 games, but he’s also only played one game since Sheldon Keefe was hired, so it’s hard to entirely place the blame on him.

For Jake Muzzin, it will be his first game in nearly a month, and while the points haven’t been there for him (only 13 points in 38 games), he has been one part of the shutdown pair with Justin Holl since Keefe took over, so having them back together will be helpful for the blue line, especially in the wake of Frederik Andersen’s slump.

What will be really interesting is where they slot into the lineup. Does Muzzin play with Barrie or Holl while Rielly is out? Does Moore start on the fourth line or does he get a top nine role in the wake of Mikheyev’s injury? There are a few options for the Leafs, but it will be nice to have a couple of players back.

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*knocks on wood*