Introducing myPuckPedia

Exciting news around The Nation Network this morning as PuckPedia launches MyPuckPedia GM Mode an exciting new feature that allows you to take control of a team, or the league for that matter, and play GM. The new feature allows you to sign, trade, demote, buyout, and do all of those other fun things that prove that we know better than Kyle Dubas in any given situation.

Testing it out

So while my track record with proposing trades on social media is spotty at best, I figured I’d take the new myPuckPedia GM engine for a whirl. The starting point of the trade is looking at what the Leafs presently have a need for, and it’s as follows…

  • A top four defenseman, who shoots right and is under contract for next season
  • A backup goaltender that is capable of stopping shots
  • Salary cap relief to possibly allow some flexibility in the rental market
  • Opening up some space on the blueline for that previously mentioned defenseman

As for what the Leafs have to offer, that they are willing to depart with…

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  • One of their second line wingers who is forced to play on the 3rd line
  • Expiring defensive contracts
  • Any prospect not named Sandin, Liljegren, or Robertson
  • Ben Harpur?

Recently, we’ve done some match making on this site and probably the most appealing names that could be available as far as right shooting defensemen go are Mathew Dumba, Damon Severson, and Josh Manson. Given that Anaheim has all but taken out full page ads about wanting to deal and beyond just Manson have a backup goaltender and a willingness to take on salary, we’ll match make with them.

There’s the deal. Kapanen, SDA, Ceci, and a 3rd for Josh Manson and Ryan Miller. The Leafs also clear some salary in the process. Tidy business, that I’m sure no one objects to, and I already know your opinion on this deal depends on if you over or under value Semyon Der-Arguchintsev.

Why Anaheim does this…

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Kapanen is a good young piece to add to a rebuilding team. He’s speed for their top six and speed is good. Der-Arguchintsev is a promising prospect that is going to be a project. With Sandin, Robertson, and Liljegren off the table, SDA, Abramov, and Kokkonen are probably the best names available in Leafs land, and frankly I like the other two players more, so I dumped the one I’m most comfortable with trading.

As for Ceci, well, they said they’d take some salary and taking Ceci allows the Ducks the opportunity to retain half his salary and flip him for an asset to a team looking for rental player. The 3rd round pick is included as part of a thank you for taking Ceci, but also part of that third is a payment for Ryan Miller. (And really, when doesn’t a mid round draft pick solve any perceived inequities in a trade proposal?)

Why Toronto does this…

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Josh Manson is a very good defenseman who is under contract and shoots right. He’s got good numbers so the nerds like him. He hits so your uncle likes him. His cap hit is also better than anything you could to see the Leafs negotiating in the near future and is under contract for 2 more seasons after this one. As for Ryan Miller, well, let’s assume that the Leafs don’t want to be gouged in the goalie market and would rather pick up a short term rental in Miller. The Leafs also pick up some cap space in this deal by dumping Cody Ceci, not to mention that dumping Cody Ceci is it’s own reward and they can pursue other trade options with more flexibility as a result.


You may hate the trade, but you’re probably interested in the PuckPedia feature. The deal might put a lot of pressure on Ilya Mikheyev to be really good the second he gets back, and it might require Nick Robertson making the jump to the NHL next season to really feel good about any of this, but I’m sure everything will work out. When has it not for the Toronto Maple Leafs?

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Do you have a better idea for a trade the Maple Leafs could make? Head to PuckPedia.com and you can make your own trades and roster today.