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Hutchinson placed on waivers

It comes as no surprise, given the imminent return of Frederik Andersen that Michael Hutchinson has been placed on waivers today. And while we all knew it was coming, we’ll look at the logistics of it anyway.

That stat line for Hutchinson isn’t particularly friendly this year…

15 4 0.886 3.66 0.273 -9.72

And in three games, Jack Campbell is already to have of Hutchinson’s win total as a Leaf this season. So yeah, this move is understandable.

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Will he get claimed?

I honestly can’t imagine why he would, unless another team is looking to move one of their NHL goaltenders, and they would rather ride out the year with Hutchinson rather than promote their third string guy. I’d look at a situation like Ottawa, where they are attempting to move Anderson or Detroit if they are looking to move Bernier or Howard, or the Devils if they realize that Hutchinson might be good enough to be their starter.

No matter what, it’s probably not happening.

Hutchinson on the Marlies

Given that the Marlies should probably be focused on the development of Joseph Woll, the arrival of Hutchinson creates an interesting situation. Hutchinson is likely the better goaltender compared to Kaskisuo, and will probably be given priority over him, at least initially. There’s also the issue that of the three goaltenders, Woll is the only one who can be sent to the ECHL easily.

Woll joining the Growlers in the short term might not be a real issue, but it’s certainly not something that benefits him. So that brings us around to the possibility of a goaltender being loaned to another AHL franchise for part of the season. I would have to imagine that being either Kaskisuo or Hutchinson, as the development of Woll is the reason why you’d do this in the first place.

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Additionally, there is the possibility that if Hutchinson clears waivers, there might be a team out there itching to offer up future considerations for an AHL netminder.