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Injuries, roster shuffles, and what that means for your weekend

Michael Hutchinson has cleared waivers. As for what that means for your weekend, I’m assuming not a whole lot. As for the injury updates, that might have a bit more impact on how you are feeling heading into the next few days.

There’s not a whole lot to add to this one. Hutchinson is a perfectly fine AHL goaltender, and emergency call up. I hope he does well for the Marlies, who will now likely move Woll down to the Growlers to keep him playing as much as possible.

An end of March return is somewhat later than what the earliest timeline suggested which was February 27th, but it seemed that a later timeline was the direction this was heading. That really makes it possible that the Leafs could use Rielly as cap relief and add some salary at the trade deadline, so there’s as much silver lining as this team will allow. Especially considering…

That’s the end of the regular season for Andreas Johnsson, and if it wasn’t already one that he wanted to forget, it sure is now. There’s a bit more deadline cap relief, but there also goes one of the players the Leafs were potentially shopping for a defensive upgrade. Now if the Leafs do decide to move on from either Kapanen or Kerfoot for a defenseman, they are potentially putting a bit of a hole in their lineup until players like Mikheyev or Johnsson return at playoff time. I’m curious if we’ll see the return of Nic Petan, who has been doing well for the Marlies.

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It also looks like Pontus Aberg isn’t the answer for the Leafs forward depth. In addition to my curiosity around Petan making a return, I wonder if Agostino or Korshkov might make appearances in the near future. Following the trade deadline the Leafs will be limited to four Marlies moves, outside of emergency recalls, so perhaps they want to see what they have in their system now.

And since we have you all here, it looks like Jack Campbell will get to go against Ottawa on Saturday night, and Andersen will get a bit more rest before playing on Sunday. I’m sure if it was the other way around, it would make just as much sense.

So that is the that for the Leafs. That Johnsson news is unfortunate, but pretty much par for the course on how the Leafs season has gone on the injury front.