Leafs feeling the heat, but could they do some selling at the deadline?

It’s crunch time for the trade deadline right now, with the usual prelude of minor deals trickling in these past couple days leading up to Monday when the bigger names get moved around. With that comes a lot of insider previewing, and most notably today the 31 Thoughts podcast gave their full league rundown of each team, with Elliotte Friedman weighing on what they might be exploring over the weekend.

Let’s just get right into it, because there are some interesting potential movables and even a spicy take regarding the Leafs in here.

Regarding the Leafs potentially being sellers:

“If I am Kyle Dubas I am not chasing for this year…”

“You don’t have a lot of your picks – you’ve traded picks to get Campbell and Clifford; What do you think you could get for Tyson Barrie?”

Friedman goes on to mention Vancouver and Calgary specifically as potentially having interest in Barrie, but I have a hard time seeing the Leafs moving on unless they have another card (Subban?) already in the shuffle.

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There was also a bit of talk about how, in general, the Leafs are going off the rails. Is it all goaltending? Should the players share the blame? Is Keefe overrated? We’ve argued about a lot of this stuff right here the last few weeks – people are racking their brains.

“I think this is a bigger issue in Toronto. The heat’s coming on the players. They wanted the coach gone, they got the coach gone. Now the new coach sounds like the old coach”

Whether you agree with this take about the skaters shouldering more blame, it’s at least getting clearer that people who cover the team closely see some level of moodiness or lack of focus with this group. I don’t necessarily buy it, because again, goaltending. But that is a major shot across the bow for a team that’s obviously frustrating their own coach as much as the fanbase right now.