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Leafs talks with the Canucks over Tyson Barrie have “intensified”

There are less than 24 hours to go until the trade deadline, and you know what that means: There is chatter. Lots of it, folks.

We’re going to try to keep bringing together as many trade talk items (known in some circles as “rumours”) from legitimate outlets until everything is settled, so let’s get right back into the Tyson Barrie situation.

Barrie shot up the TSN Trade board a couple days ago, at fifth-most likely to move at the deadline. With the Leafs in a weird position of still needing upgrades on the back end, this didn’t seem to make much sense, but there’s been a lot of rumbling about them making a series of moves for a longer term solution. As such, Barrie’s name has been very much out there, and the Vancouver Canucks appear to be zeroing in on him more than any other team. Other teams to this point showing interest have been the Flames and Golden Knights.

But Vancouver has always made the most sense considering Barrie himself thought he’d be heading to the Canucks last summer, and contract talks were the only thing hanging things up. It seems eventually he’s bound to get there, whether it’s tonight, tomorrow, or on July 1st.

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Sources from the Vancouver Province, TSN, and Sportsnet have all weighed in to say the Canucks are now in heavy talks with the Leafs for Barrie. While it’s difficult to pin down what the Leafs could be getting back, there’s been speculation they’re seeking out a 1st round pick, while prospects they could look into include Olli Juolevi and Nils Hoglander, though the latter would seem much less likely to move. Where Toronto goes from there is anyone’s guess, but PK Subban’s name (on a retained deal, we’re assuming) is also one that won’t go away.