Are the Leafs sellers?

So far things are pretty damn quiet, but it’s also only 10 AM, so hang in there. The word out there is that the Leafs are moving into more of a sellers mindset and the Leafs aren’t going all in finding solutions today.

I have to say if the result of this is a quiet day from the Leafs, the organization isn’t really inspiring a lot of confidence. If the Leafs need to be shaken up, perhaps you start the shake up when teams are throwing around 1st round picks for J.G. Pageau. If you think this team has a shot, well, I’m not sure what’s wrong with you, but you pick up some depth for 4th round picks.

Tyson Barrie appears to be as good as gone, and we’ll spend the day wondering where.

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I personally wonder if now that Cody Ceci is likely to return in March, if he can be moved, especially if 50% of his salary is retained.

The Leafs will need to clear some salary for the summer, and I’d have to imagine the returns on players like Kerfoot or Kapanen will be better today than they will at the draft, and beyond that, there are plenty of more “creative” options to consider as well.

Expect something, but I guess keep expectations pretty low, as the Leafs have rarely been interesting on deadline day.