Leafs Madness Championship!!!

I guess the story here is that Wendel Clark and Auston Matthews were narrowly defeated in what were the closest match-ups of the bracket. Matthews likely failing to advance based on lack of experience and Clark rode beloved fan favourite for as long as he possibly could in this. As for the Sundin vs. Bower…


Leafs Madness: Final Four

It’s safe to say the voyage to the Final Four to determine the greatest fan favourite Leaf has gone exactly as expected. Sundin, Matthews, Bower, and Clark are all names you’d expect to see here. Beating out Gilmour, Sittler, and Keon to do so wasn’t a particularly easy thing to do, but here we are….


John Tavares issues message urging fans to “play inside and play for each other”

Toronto Maple Leafs captain, John Tavares, issued a message through his Twitter account this past week, encouraging hockey fans to remain indoors as much as possible while also thanking the healthcare and frontline workers for their incredible sacrifice during this strange time. #BEATTHEVIRUS pic.twitter.com/4Dm0JqGT5r — John Tavares (@91Tavares) March 25, 2020 Like many NHLers, John…


Highlights of Brendan Shanahan’s interview with James Duthie

If you’ve got 20 minutes and love anecdotes about parenting in the COVID-19 world, by all means, I encourage you to check out the full thing here. If you just want the hockey highlights and some takes on those, let’s have at it below… “Are the players going stir crazy?” “Most of the players have…


Leafs Madness: Elite Eight

I guess it speaks to the expert seeding of this bracket that we’ve got nothing but 1 and 2 seeds left. The names are the names you’d expect to see Sundin, Gilmour, Matthews, Bower, Keon, Sittler, Clark, and Rielly(?). Okay, I’m not ready to accept that Morgan Rielly should necessarily be in this conversation, nor…


KHL players will be able to sign with NHL teams as of May 1st

Games may not be played anytime soon, but we’re just over a month away from KHL signing season, and if recent history has taught us anything, that’s a significant time for the Leafs. From TSN: With the KHL season officially being cancelled Wednesday, players with expiring KHL contracts are free to sign with NHL teams…


The Giving Marv

Martin Marincin was traded to the Leafs on June 27, 2015. On the same weekend Toronto drafted Mitch Marner, Travis Dermott, and Jeremy Bracco, adding a depth defenceman from Slovakia was a footnote. Looking back now, in the state of the Leafs blueline it is surprising there was not more excitement about Marincin. By the…