Zach Hyman wants to play video games with you

Just like his teammate Morgan Rielly did yesterday, Zach Hyman posted a message on his Twitter account to preach the importance of social distancing but also to invite Leafs fans to play videos games with him.


In the video, Hyman starts off with a message to fans to keep their distance when possible:

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“I’m doing this because I’m practicing the policies that our medical experts have told us to do. Most important thing is social distancing. Our job is to stay indoors as much as we can. When you need to go out, go out for the essentials. Stay six feet away from people. Try to avoid people when you see them and just practice social distancing. But that doesn’t mean we can’t talk to each other. We can still play video games, face time, go on our phones, talk to our friends… just keep a little bit of distance.”

At this point, it goes without saying that having as many people as possible practicing social distancing is a very important message, which is why so many NHLers are hopping on their social media feeds to spread the word. However, Hyman’s message was a little bit different in that it also included an invitation for hockey fans that want to play video games with him as a means of keeping in touch and passing the time.

“I’m inviting you guys to come and join my self-isolation chamber online, and come and play some video games. We can play Fortnite, Call of Duty, Apex, NHL, you name it… I’m in.”

If you’re interested in playing some vids with Zach, head over to his Twitter account where he’s asking folks to tag a couple of friends along with which game you’d like to play and he’ll reach out. In our opinion, Hyman’s gesture is one that deserves some love because even though it may be small, he’s doing his part to keep the community together and morale up. Well done, Zach. We appreciate you.