Photo Credit: OHL Images

The CHL is officially done for the year. It’s Draft Rankings SZN

The day after the Canadian Olympic Committee made the bold decision to avoid the Tokyo Olympics unless they were postponed, the Canadian Hockey League followed suit with a bold decision of their own, to cancel their playoffs and forego awarding the Memorial Cup for the first time in it’s 102 year history.

Given the absolute amount of uncertainty, and that much of their leagues are uncompensated kids, this seems like a wise decision, than one that I can appreciate they probably didn’t take lightly.

There will undoubtedly be impacts that stem from this.

For a player like Nick Robertson, who was having a historic year and getting it cut short, this can’t be fun. For players looking to make their cases for NHL careers, and hoped to be seen in high profile playoff environments, they are going to be judged on their existing body of work.

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There are no shortage of players who have played their final game of junior hockey, and perhaps the last high level competitive hockey of their lives, without any send off.

And for the rest of the us, well, if you were putting off until the Memorial Cup, U-18s, and the Combine to become a 2020 Draft Expert you are shit out of luck.

Everyday seems to bring a reminder of how serious and unprecedented this situation is, and this was today’s. It seems like it won’t be long before the NHL follows suit, but for now, it’s great time to brush up on our prospects now that their year is done and identify some draft favourites.