Round Three of Leafs Madness!!!

It’s Round Three Time, and Round Two saw some significant names disappear. Tavares, Kessel, Kaberle, Vaive, and Armstrong, all gone. Today is going to see even bigger names disappear. And it’s not going to get easier.

Here’s the story so far:

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Today’s Matchups:

Hard to imagine that Bower isn’t still the easy choice here, but some of you irrationally hate goaltenders.

Keon vs. Horton will be interesting, but Keon still seems like a cut above and the Bower vs. Keon matchup seems predestined.

This should be one of the toughest matchups of the tournament, but Salming’s legacy seems to be lost on some.

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This seems like an impossible matchup for Lanny, but the battle of the moustaches is pretty great.

Felix has had tough matchups the entire way through, this will probably be his last tough matchup.

Early results had me thinking a Joseph upset could be possible, but Gilmour vs. Sundin seems like the inevitable matchup here.

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It’s hard to imagine Matthews losing this, but Nylander fans are a motivated group.

This will probably turn into a referendum on Marner’s contract, as well as Rielly’s injury really did showcase how much the Leafs miss him when he’s gone.

Happy Voting, and we’ll finish off the Elite Eight tomorrow before saving the Final Four for next week.

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