John Tavares talks music and teammates he’d quarantine with on NHL conference call

Earlier this afternoon, John Tavares joined in on an NHL conference call today and spoke about several topics, ranging on the state of the season, deserted island music, and which teammate he’d quarantine with if he had to choose.

When asked about which Leafs teammates he’d most like to be quarantined with, Tavares had a couple of options:

It’s easy to see why the guy would want to spend time with someone that knows how to keep things light:

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“Probably, Mitchy (Mitch Marner) or Justin Holl. The type of energy they bring around the locker room and how much fun they have every day. Their ability to turn any environment into something that anyone can enjoy. They bring that enthusiasm.”

The clip that really seemed to draw some attention on Twitter, though, was Tavares’ music choices when asked for his Top-3 desert island picks:

“It would be Dave Matthews Band, Goo Goo Dolls, or U2, or something like that probably”

Remind us not to give you DJing duties at any future TLN parties or functions.