Leafs Madness Championship!!!

I guess the story here is that Wendel Clark and Auston Matthews were narrowly defeated in what were the closest match-ups of the bracket. Matthews likely failing to advance based on lack of experience and Clark rode beloved fan favourite for as long as he possibly could in this.

As for the Sundin vs. Bower match-up, it’s hard to imagine that Sundin isn’t going to run away with this. That’s not to say that Bower isn’t incredibly, but pretty much everyone reading this has seen and enjoyed Sundin, where Bower is your father’s/grandfather’s Leaf and for many of us, Bower was the smiling, accessible legend who always had time for Leafs fans and the notion that he could be one of the top goaltenders of all time is lost on us due to among other things, recency bias.

So tomorrow we’ll have our champion and The Leafs Nation will be forced to move on to a new means of providing you with daily Leafs content. So while Bower or Sundin have equal chances of winning, I have certainly lost.