Top Leafs Outside the NHL: #1 Timothy Liljegren

It’s be a lengthy countdown, at least from my perspective, but we’re finally at the number one spot. It’s probably not surprising that the #1 goes to a player that was Toronto’s last demotion before the season hit pause, and a player that seems to be written in ink on most rosters for the 2020-21…


A Leafs and Sabres playoff series? Sure!

The NHL’s most recent plan to salvage the 2019-20 season reportedly involves having mini-tournaments spread across four different cities, with six teams participating in each one.


Top Leafs Outside the NHL: #2 Nick Robertson

Well, after a run of Marlies players through most of the top 10, we return to junior hockey and take a look at Nick Robertson. Of all the players in the rankings, no one scored higher on potential upside and talent than Nick Robertson. If this was a straight up prospect ranking there is a…


Top Leafs Outside the NHL: #3 Nic Petan

It’s safe to say that Nic Petan is another player who benefited in his rankings from the NHL readiness criteria, over potential upside. He’s certainly shown that he’s too good for the AHL, but interestingly enough when he’s played in the NHL, the results have consistently been underwhelming. Petan seems to be the ultimate tweener,…


Top Leafs Outside the NHL: #4 Kenny Agostino

I have really enjoyed Jon Steitzer‘s series on the best Maple Leafs outside of the NHL so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. Today I’ll be talking about one of the more underrated players on this list: Kenny Agostino. The Leafs signed Agostino for $737, 500 on a two-year contract in the summer of…


Re-signing Spezza would be nice but far from necessary

As we’ve gone through the countdown of the top Leafs outside the NHL, it’s become abundantly clear that the Leafs have no shortage of secondary offensive talent that can fit into their lineup next season. This is probably a good thing as if we are going to see summer playoff hockey followed by an immediate…