NHL History: In 2003, Toronto Maple Leafs Ed Belfour sets team record 37th win of season

On this day in 2003, Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Ed Belfour set a club record securing his 37th win of the season.

It came in a 2-1 win over the visiting Minnesota Wild breaking the previous record of 36 wins held by Curtis Joseph.

Belfour, 37 at the time, was in his first of three seasons with the Leafs after being signed as a free agent the previous offseason. The win for Belfour came only days after he recorded his 400th career win.

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His first and second years in Toronto were rock solid. He won 71 games over the two years and posted a .920 save percentage, but year three came with turmoil for the then 40-year-old.

Belfour’s numbers plummetted to an .892 save percentage as he posted a 22-22-4 record. Thus, the Leafs moved on at season’s end and Belfour signed a deal with the Florida Panthers with who he retired with.

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