Top Leafs Outside the NHL: #5 Pontus Aberg

There’s something to be said for looking at players outside the NHL without factoring in how ready they are to play in the NHL. We’ve looked at some really exciting prospects on this list, and Korshkov, Abramov, Woll, etc. all have potentially bright futures for the Leafs. On the other hand, there is Pontus Aberg…


TSN speculating that Toronto could be a hub city for summer hockey

Whether it happens, who knows. Whether it should happen is debatable. What it will look like, that remains to be seen, but what we do know is that if hockey happens there is a strong possibility it could be in Toronto. TSN’s Frank Seravalli was looking at what some of the options could be for…


Top Leafs Outside the NHL: #6 Egor Korshkov

A year(-ish) into playing in North America it seems that it’s finally possible to have a bit of a discussion on Korshkov on his own merits rather than making it about the circumstances in which he was drafted. What we’ve learned from his five and a half months of AHL hockey is that Korshkov likely…


What We Learned: Jason Spezza still has game

Welcome to The Leafs Nation’s year-(so far)-in-review series in which we talk about something we learned about each player on the team this year. Today, we have whether or not to bring back Jason Spezza for another victory lap. 


Top Leafs Outside the NHL: #7 Jeremy Bracco

Bracco is one of the more interesting names on this list. He’s long been considered one of the better offensive options in the system for the Leafs, excelling as a playmaker and power play specialist, but he hasn’t really evolved his game in any meaningful way that would encourage the Leafs to give him a…


Top Leafs Outside the NHL: #8 Teemu Kivihalme

Last summer the Leafs continued to explore the European free agent market by bringing in a young Finnish defenseman by the name of Teemu Kivihalme. I won’t pretend I knew much about Kivihalme then but put similar expectations on him as Andreas Borgman and Calle Rosen. Those expectations appear to be spot on as Kivihalme…


The Everything Leafs Podcast: Who moves and who stays?

With a potential offseason on the horizon, the Leafs have a number of big decisions to make regarding their roster. They have a number of players with contract that are coming to an end, with only so much cap room and spots on their main roster. In this episode, we break down who could be…