NHL and NHLPA agree to July 10th training camp opening date

So today we’ve seen another step forward in the return of hockey and it is targeted for about a month from now…

Given that this is the entirety of what has been released at this point there are a number of questions that remain.

  1. How long will the training camps be?
  2. Do the training camps have to take place in the country in which the teams will end up playing, assuming there is still a 14 day quarantine period for people crossing the border into Canada? Does this likely mean there won’t be a Canadian hub city due to this potential roadblock?
  3. When will we get our Hub city and Phase 4 announcements?
  4. This is an awfully short announcment given the number of details that would have required NHL and PA agreement, how is that relationship going?
  5. And the big question, is this a good idea?

While the promise of hockey has a huge appeal, the fact that there always seem to be more questions left than answers creates hesitation in being excited about any of this.

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Additionally it’s important to note that any player not currently in Canada will need to depart for Toronto by June 26th if they want to complete their quarantine by the opening of camp. Reports are that 20 of the 32 players invited to Leafs camp are already in the city and that’s apparently the best numbers in the league. Certainly an advance that couldn’t hurt the Leafs.