Introducing The Leafs Swear Jar

Hockey is back! And with that is our desire to complain about hockey. It’s only natural.

My attempt to curb complaining came with this throwaway tweet (aren’t all tweets really throwaway tweets though?):

I mean, we know how that’s going to play out, right?

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Anyways, that lead to this interaction.

A few replies later, and a decision was made that this is an initiative that Leafs twitter could use.

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The idea behind it is simple:

As we fall back into our habits of hating on players, coaches, refs. Complaining about ice time, shot selection, failure to clear the zone, etc. We might as well take the opportunity to do something good with that energy and keep ourselves in check in the process.

It’s simple and done on the honour system.
-Identify what you don’t want to complain about.
-Pick a charity you want to give money to and how much you plan on giving.
-Everytime you catch yourself complaining donate to your charity (or keep a running tab until the end of the playoffs)
This is entirely being done on the honour system, but let us know what your Leafs swear in the Google Form so we can tweet it out from @TLNdc and we can all share in the fun of complaining about the Leafs again.

It’s an opportunity to have fun online, enjoy watching hockey, and donate some money to the charity of your choice. Give whatever you are comfortable giving as every little bit helps. There’s more than enough places that can use some help right now, so let’s use built up sports rage as an excuse to spread some money around.

Here’s the link to the Google Form so you can participate.

Have fun with this, and hopefully the Leafs will go far into the playoffs so I go broke cursing the Leafs defense.