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We got our hopes up, and the Leafs got shut out.

In a win or go home game five the Leafs kinda blew it, and that’s putting it nicely.

After the epic comeback of game four spirits were high among Leafs fans! Going into the final game of the series, it made sense that this feeling carried over for most. We had Saturday to process and waited all day Sunday in anticipation of what was to come. A lot was kept hush hush up until two hours before the game where we saw something that had the potential to be a game-changer.

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Andreas Johnsson back ahead of schedule. With him in, that meant Robertson was out of the mix and the lines got a decent shuffle.

The first forty minutes were a whole lot of nothing. Columbus’ Zach Werenski scores the first goal of the game at 6:29 in the first. The Leafs later took a too many men penalty served by Nylander. The second consisted of a terrible cross-checking penalty by Werenski that the Leafs could not capitalize on. In the third period, the sense of urgency seemed to rise, but Liam Foudy scoring the Blue Jacket’s second goal of the night took a bit of a toll on the team. The game was officially over with en empty-net goal from Foligno. There’s no going back.

There were points in time where the team played ok but literally just ok. It seems like they just weren’t clicking. I feel like the top-heavy lineup was partially to blame. They had great chances across the board, but this kind of deployment should be left for high stakes last-minute situations like in game four. When you play an entire game like that, you really become a one-line time. That’s just a terrible situation to be in for a team of Toronto’s caliber.

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Most Valuable Leaf: Freddie Andersen

He had a .958 and we couldn’t win the series because of a lack of offense. The guys that are being paid to be out top producers did not produce. I’ll be fair in saying that there were maybe 2-3 goals that Fred shouldn’t have let get by him. He’s not perfect, but I feel like he’s the one player on the ice that never seemed to give up.

Runner up: Auston Matthews

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It was close between the two, but I think this is self-explanatory considering the way his play developed throughout the series.

Least Valuable Leaf: Kasperi Kapanen

As much as people feel like it should be Mitchell it’s not. Kapanen did zilch this series. No magic, no feeling, just misses, and giveaways. I feel like him being in the right mindset could have made all the difference. Watching him play was kind of disappointing.

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Tweet of the Night

Stay positive y’all, the curse will wear off soon

What’s next?

  • The second part of the draft lottery at 6 pm Monday, August 10th #LoseForLafreniere
  • Round One of Playoffs Tuesday, August 11 (sans the Leafs 😭)
  • The Draft tentatively set for October 9-10

There’s a lot to look forward to folks. Just because the Leafs are out doesn’t mean it ends here for us fans!  This is an interesting season, so take in as much as you can.