Friedman breaks down the Leafs

Tomorrow we’re treated to the end of year press conference from Dubas, Keefe, and Shanahan. As a bit of an appetizer, tonight we have Elliotte Friedman breaking down the Leafs heading into their extended off season. Of course we have some thoughts on his thoughts too. You can find Friedman’s full article here. I think…


Leafs have 10 picks in the draft, just not the pick we wanted

Well, the draft lottery came and went as expected. There was a 12.5% chance of happiness, and in true Leafs fashion, Toronto managed to come close enough to bring only pain… leafs lottery ball rimming out set to my heart will go on (recorder version) pic.twitter.com/ncmimBGtZc — dirtbag daddy (@dirtbag_daddi) August 11, 2020 Ah, nevertheless….


It’s not ONE thing that will fix the Leafs

Trade Marner. Trade Andersen. Fire Dubas. Hire Boudreau. Sign Pietrangelo. None of these one things are the answer. Hell, if you did all of those things you might still be looking at a Leafs team that needs a lot of work. Now, I’m also not saying that some of those things shouldn’t be done, but…


Separating emotion from reality in another lost season for the Leafs

Well, here we are again. Lamenting another disappointing finish to a Leafs season in which they failed to live up to the lofty expectations bestowed upon them. The repeated failures are enough to wear on anybody that cares about this franchise, whether it be the die hard fan base or the people within the organization….