Leafs might be one of Pietrangelo’s preferred UFA destinations

With the NHL’s free agency opening date of October 9th creeping closer and closer, time is running out for Alex Pietrangelo and the St. Louis Blues to reach an agreement on a new deal. The two parties have apparently not started talking, and apparently Pietrangelo won’t be signing with them if he reaches free agency….


Leafs will need to qualify their restricted free agents by October 7th

It’s a small thing, but kind of an important thing, and that’s knowing when teams will have to submit qualifying offers to their restricted free agents by. FYI for those wondering: Clubs have until 5 p.m. ET on Oct. 7 to submit Qualifying Offers to their respective RFAs. Which those RFAs can begin signing as…


Is Sami Vatanen still an option for the Leafs?

When we hop in the way back machine to a time when Sami Vatanen was on the Ducks, and the Leafs were in the early stages of realizing they needed to find help on their right side, it seemed that there were constant trade rumours connecting Vatanen to the Leafs. As we began exploring those…


Should the Maple Leafs sign Wayne Simmonds?

“He said he would come, and now it’s time to sign the contract…” Wayne Simmonds could make his way to Toronto this off-season, if the Toronto Maple Leafs choose to sign him. The cost may be a lot, but the 32-year-old could come in and make an impact on the bottom-six. While he did say he’d come…