Page 6ix September 16th – What’s New in Hockey Gossip?

Howdy, hockey gossip readers. It’s time for your weekly rundown of what caused a stir in the online hockey world these past few days. We’ve got some fun drama to dive into, so buckle up.

The Leafs Lads (and Lasses)

Last week, we were all *eyes emoji* about Kyle Clifford removing all traces of the Leafs from his social media. Well, either some PR person told him to put it back, or talks intensified to keep him on the team, because look who’s a Leaf again on Twitter:

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***Author’s Note: Shortly after publishing this week’s column, we received word that Kyle Clifford is headed to free agency and will likely not be re-signing with the Leafs***

We’ve been following former Leaf Kasperi Kapanen’s drama with on-again/off-again girlfriend Paige pretty closely. After unfollowing each other on social media and taking down all pictures together, it seems Paige has moved to LA, and she posted a very interesting message on her way there:

Finally, in more wholesome news, Travis Dermott joined a kids’ hockey podcast this past week, because he is adorable.

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In Leafs-adjacent news, rumours have once again intensified over Alex Pietrangelo joining the boys in blue once free agency opens up:

We at Page 6ix still believe that, if possible, the Pietrangelos and their four very young children likely don’t want to move to a different country, but stranger things have happened!

Dallas Does Dangle

There were definitely some *eyes emojis* earlier this week when noted Leafs superfan/podcaster/YouTuber Steve Dangle and the Dallas Stars official Twitter had a bit of a disagreement over a play involving Corey Perry in a recent Stars/Vegas Golden Knights game:

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Click the tweets to see the full conversation that unfolded.

Well, It IS Florida…

We’re back in Florida this week (seems like we’re always either in Florida or Arizona these days) to take a peek at what’s going on with the Panthers, redux:

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That sounds, well, Ungood.

On A Serious Note

Finally, to tie this week up, we want to close out on a more serious note. This week, a young hockey player named Yanic Duplessis came out publicly.

We wish Yanic the very best, and hope the hockey community continues to support him as he embarks on his career.

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There was also a serious conversation happening on Twitter yesterday about an alleged incident at the final Stars/Vegas Golden Knights game.

There are conflicting reports and understanding of who said what, and to our knowledge there is not at this time an official investigation into the incident:

Both Yanic’s story and the Stars/VGK incident highlight the ongoing struggle for full inclusion and equality in the hockey world.

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Though we ended on a more serious note, we’re still here on Twitter and with the weekly column for all your gossip and drama needs. See you next week!