Page 6ix Wednesday, September 30th: Dogs and Cups and Goalies, Oh My!

Welcome back, hockey gossip fans. While there is plenty of drama going on in the world right now, this week was actually relatively slow on the hockey gossip front. Nonetheless, there IS drama to discuss, and some lightheartedness to kick us off.

Leafs Love Dogs

The Leafs boys (and their ladies) were all about the dog content this week. Mitch Marner and his girlfriend Steph continued their tradition of hosting fellow Leafs up at their cottage. But this time, the special guests were none other than Morgan Rielly and Tessa Virtue, and their pup Zoë . Zoë and the Marner-LaChance pup, Zeus, hit it off.

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Elsewhere, Travis Dermott and one of his adorable pooches posed for a sweet picture promoting dog food:

And finally, Auston Matthews took his buddy Felix with him for a workout and training at ASU.

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The Cup Runneth Over

Of course, the Big News this week is that the Tampa Bay Lightning defeated the Dallas Stars in game six to become this year’s Stanley Cup champions. This is exciting, of course, for Bolts fans, but less so for Stars fans. And naturally, there was some drama about it all.

Firstly, some Stars fans were a tad bit upset by the nature of the Lightning celebrations:

Even more dramatic, though, was Damien Cox claiming that this year’s Cup wasn’t as difficult to win as usual:

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A couple Lightning players took issue, and took time out of celebrating to tell Damo what they thought of his tweet:

Some hockey fans also took issue, and reminded everyone that Damo has a history of ~interesting~ Twitter behaviour:

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Another fun day on Hockey Twitter!

The Rumour Mill

With a tweet that made quite the splash, Bob McKenzie came back to Twitter to fan the Buffalo flames and suggest that Jack Eichel might be looking to get out. We suggest reading the entire tweet thread, though, to get the whole story.

Is this a case of just a rumour? Or is it a where there’s smoke there’s fire situation?

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The End of an Era

And finally, in a move that has fans around the league in uproar, the New York Rangers bought out the final year of goaltending legend Henrik Lundqvist’s contract.

Check out Hank’s goodbye, here, and have some tissues handy:

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That’s all for this week, hockey gossip fans. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter. See you next Wednesday!