Page 6ix Wednesday, October 7th: Free Agent Frenzy And More

Hello, gossip/drama lovers. Welcome to yet another busy week in the world of hockey soap operas. As the draft approached and free agency drew nearer, there seemed to be a ton of drama dust kicked up. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Leafs Land

This week was a relatively quiet one in the world of the Leafs, save for the draft. As you likely know, with their first round pick (acquired in the Kasperi Kapanen trade), the Leafs drafted 19 year old Russian winger, Rodion Amirov. (I was pulling for the first round goalie, but this adorable kitten-saving Russian will do.) This choice predictably divided Leafs nation, but the details of that division are best saved for another post.

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However, there was some fun to be had, as beloved Maple Leafs Mitch Marner and Morgan Rielly were on hand to announce the pick, and Mo was rocking quite the magical mustache.

Could the inclusion of these two players signal a deeper message, perhaps about the loyalty the front office feels to them, with constant chatter about who might be traded? And where was captain John Tavares?

Free Agency Fun

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Elsewhere, the St. Louis Blues are apparently displeased with the depth of the rumour mill surrounding captain Alex Pietrangelo, so much so that they’re considering filing tampering charges!

Speaking of Vegas, word is they have other interests as well:

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And, in an expected but fascinating update to the Vegas goalie drama, the team signed Robin Lehner to a contract, but where does that leave Marc-Andre Fleury?

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Bits and Pieces

A couple other items to keep an eye on in the gossip world, including this little situation in L.A.:

And then there was Gary Bettman’s response to the Bubble Confidential story:

Finally, a bit of good news. Congratulations to Dylan Strome and his girlfriend on their pending new arrival:


That’s all for now. Tune in next week, which should be chock full of free agency fallout. Check out our Twitter for daily gossip and hockey thoughts.