The ripple effects of the David Ayres game are becoming more clear

Hey, remember that time the Leafs lost to a 42-year-old Zamboni driver who worked for the team? The Carolina Hurricanes don’t want you to forget since they keep bringing it up on their social media pages once a month. While that was an inspiring story for David Ayres during his 15 minutes of fame, it’s…


The Leafs more serious about Thornton than originally thought

Things are heating up. There is both chatter AND rumblings. It seems the Leafs really want Joe Thornton to be a Leaf, even if he did shave that magnificent beard. To follow up on @mirtle's piece, my understanding is that both Kyle Dubas and Sheldon Keefe have talked to Joe Thornton about the Leafs' interest….


Toronto Marlies sign Rourke Chartier to one-year AHL contract

The Marlies announced Wednesday that the team has signed center Rourke Chartier to a one-year AHL contract. The 24 year old former 5th round pick sat out the entirety of the 2019-2020 season due to lingering post-concussion symptoms. 🖋 News: We’ve signed forward Rourke Chartier to a one-year AHL contract. #ForeverStartsHere Details >> https://t.co/VuMKG3TFvK pic.twitter.com/q8k1tfCqHV…


Page 6ix Wednesday, October 14th: GossipStraveganza!

Hello hockey gossip and drama lovers. Do we have an action-packed column for you! LOTS happening in the hockey world this past week, so tons of both gossip AND drama to dive into. Let’s get started, shall we? Leafs Lads (and Ladies) So much fun Leafs-news this week! Gonna start with our returning Leafs. Huge…