Page 6ix Wednesday, October 14th: GossipStraveganza!

Hello hockey gossip and drama lovers. Do we have an action-packed column for you! LOTS happening in the hockey world this past week, so tons of both gossip AND drama to dive into. Let’s get started, shall we?

Leafs Lads (and Ladies)

So much fun Leafs-news this week! Gonna start with our returning Leafs. Huge congrats to our captain, John Tavares, and his wife Arynne on the pending arrival of baby number two!

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Excited to add a new Leafs baby to the squad.

Elsewhere, Jake Muzzin and family adopted Jack Campbell for Thanksgiving:

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And a bunch of other Leafs (and former Leafs) popped onto the Instagram post to share….umm…well wishes?

Speaking of well wishes, former Leafs Tyson Barrie and Andreas Johnsson had some interesting parting words about playing in Toronto:

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Finally, Page 6ix is THRILLED to welcome some new Leafs to Leafland – we can’t wait to adopt Wayne Simmonds, Jimmy Vesey, TJ Brodie, Aaron Dell, and Zach Bogosian. It’s been fun hearing their excitement about playing in Toronto. We’re excited too!

We are especially excited to welcome Wayne Simmonds and Aaron Dell’s dads into the fold. Look how wholesome!

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It’s Never Boring in Vegas

The drama never ends in Vegas. Following goaltender Robin Lehner signing a new contract, all eyes were on what Vegas would do with veteran goalie Marc-Andre Fleury. Well, it turns out, the answer (for now) is keep him:

Could this be why:

The saga continues….

On top of that, VGK officially nabbed the most sought after free agent of the season in Alex Pietrangelo, disappointing tons of Leafs fans, as well as VGK player Nate Schmidt, who was traded to the Canucks in the aftermath:

*Eyes emoji*

The Rivalry That Never Sleeps

Turns out there’s more to the rivalry that reached peak intensity when former Islanders captain Tavares jumped ship to play for his hometown team. According to Elliotte Friedman, former Leafs gm and current Islanders gm Lou Lamoriello accused the Leafs of tampering. The charges were dropped.

A Funny Thing Happened…

on hockey Twitter this morning. Editor extraordinaire (/sarcasm, majorly) Dean Blundell decided to take a swing, for reasons only he will ever truly know, at Senators reporter Hailey Salvian, claiming she faked misogyny for Twitter points (*eyeroll emoji*). It’s definitely possible, even probable, that the reasons include how threatened he is by strong, smart, successful women.

We refuse to link to that joke of a post, but just know that it is indeed SUCH a joke, that within the post itself, Blundell copied and pasted the same three paragraphs twice in a row. A bit rich attempting to undermine legitimately talented reporters in such a poorly constructed post, don’t you think?


That’s all for this week, folks. Don’t forget to check us out on Twitter. And for a fun little extra-curricular, your author joined a *gasp* BRUINS podcast this morning to talk hockey, TLN, Page 6ix, and more, so check out Locked on Boston Bruins, as well.