Page 6ix Wednesday, November 18th: Does anyone actually know what reverse retro means?

Welcome gossip fiends. We’re back for another week of a look at what’s happening in and around the NHL that might pique our interest. Things have gotten a bit quieter, but there’s still some juicy fun to dive into.

Leafs Lads (and Ladies…and Littles)

As always, we start with a look at our own Leafs. This week, the focus is on my very favourite Leaf, Zach Hyman. If you weren’t already aware, Zach is going to be a brand new dad very soon! We got lucky, and he shared some lovely photos with his wife and her baby bump.

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We can not wait to meet Baby Hyman.

In more Zach news, it seems he has joined the new, expanded Return to Play committee:

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Since Zach is at or near the top of the Smartest Leafs list, we feel secure with him in this role representing the team.

Elsewhere, Auston Matthews showed off his Movember progress, and his stay at home attire:

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And finally, new Leaf Mikko Lehtonen shared that he recently recovered from a bout with COVID-19:

We wish him well with his recovery, and can’t wait to see what he brings to the team.

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What Even IS Reverse Retro?

This week, the NHL unveiled the highly anticipated “reverse retro” jerseys, and we absolutely know what reverse retro means, definitely.

There have been many…many….MANY….rankings of the jerseys, discussions of the jerseys, arguments about the jerseys. Fans seem completely split in their jersey takes.

We’ll throw our hat in the ring here on the Leafs RR jersey and note that we find it decidedly meh. But, after all, that’s about what we’re used to from the recent Leafs: mediocrity when we expected greatness.

Excitement in Edmonton

Apparently, the Oilers don’t pay their bills! Or thus claims a new lawsuit against them:

This is the most exciting thing to happen to Edmonton since the 2015 draft!

Odds and Ends

Looks like we might be getting a 60 game season starting sometime later in the winter:

As for the format, well, who knows?

Former Leaf Kasperi Kapanen looks to be getting lucky, on the ice at least, as he’s expected to play with Sidney Crosby this upcoming season:

And finally, this upcoming week we will celebrate the one year anniversary of Mike Babcock’s firing! More on that to come. Stay tuned!


That’s all for this week, friends. Don’t forget to check out our Twitter page, and stay well.