Page 6ix Wednesday, December 16th: Snowmageddon Edition

Hello from NY, where we are expecting up to a foot of snow tonight, so as I sit all cozy inside in my layers I thought I’d bring you all some of the hockey happenings. As you might expect at holiday time during a pandemic, it is a tad slow on the gossip front. But let’s see what we can find, shall we?

Leafs Lads

As always, we begin by checking in on our Leafs. Auston Matthews continues to entertain big name guests down in AZ, and this week it was the one and only Justin Bieber!

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Their friendship seems very special.

As we mentioned last week. the non-Toronto based Leafs seem to be slowly making their way back to the Six, and we learned this week that Justin Holl is camping out with Mitch Marner and his girlfriend, Steph.

Jack Campbell is settling into snowy life in Toronto, and so are his cats.

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And finally, apparently some Leafs fans don’t value our players as much as I do:

Change is Coming?

There has been quite a bit of change this year in the sports world, with some teams that have had culturally insensitive names and/or logos moving away from their past and into a more inclusive and culturally aware future (looking at you, Chicago Blackhawks.)

This past week, new Canucks goalie Braden Holtby was informed that his mask design was appropriative of First Nations culture. He was quick to apologize and pledge to change the design and use an Indigenous artist in the future.

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In the aftermath, there was suggestion that similar measures be taken regarding the Canucks logo:

Moving toward a league that is culturally aware, inclusive, and diverse can only be a good thing.

Scandal in Sweden?

Listen, I don’t know much about Swedish hockey, but this seems like A Big Deal:

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Holiday Hijinks

Over in St. Louis (we assume). Steve Ott adorably terrified the sh$t out of his kids during family holiday photos. Thanks to his wife Erica for capturing the hilarity and sharing it with the world.

Check out the whole series HERE.

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Divisional Drama

So we also learned this past week that the original divisional realignment that was leaked a while back was incorrect, and the new alignment was released. This in and of itself is fairly undramatic.

However, hockey reporters arguing about it? That’s pretty entertaining:

(This was in response to the tweet below)

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*insert eating popcorn gif*

Final Thoughts

If you missed it somehow, The Toronto Six unveiled an awesome new locker room yesterday, and we had an exclusive first look! Really cool stuff.


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Stay warm and dry out there folks, and don’t forget to check us out on Twitter.