Page 6ix Wednesday, December 30th: The End of 2020

Happy almost 2021, friends! Hopefully the upcoming year treats us all better than this year did. At least we know hockey is starting up soon!

If you didn’t get the chance, check out our special edition Leafs’ holiday post round-up from Saturday. 

There was lots of holiday cheer going around, and we captured as much of it as we could find in that post!

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Now, onto the happenings of the last week:

Leafs Lads

We begin, always, with our own boys in blue. Aside from their holiday posts, they were fairly quiet this past week. Except, that is, for Auston Matthews:

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That’s right. Our very own AM34 hung out with GQ Magazine, talking about things like deodorant and body pillows. Enjoy!

Focusing on their Health

As we all know by now, Henrik Lundqvist is sitting out this season after discovering a heart issue. This week, he shared that he will be undergoing open heart surgery shortly:

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We’re sending our VERY best wishes for health and healing to Hank.

Another familiar name announced this week that he won’t be at camp, and likely won’t be playing for a while, due to a health issue. From Jonathan Toews:

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And finally, the Tampa Bay Lightning will be without Nikita Kucherov to start the season, as well:

Though we wholeheartedly wish that none of these players had to face these challenges, we commend them for putting their health first and taking the time they need to understand and overcome whatever they’re battling. We hope to see them all well, and if they choose, back on the ice soon.

Oh Captain My Captain

Following former captain Alex Pietrangelo signing with the Golden Knights, The St. Louis Blues had a vacancy on top. And it has now been filled:

Congrats to new captain Ryan O’Reilly. Best of luck!

The End of an Era:

PK Subban and former fiancee Lindsey Vonn announced last night that they have ended their 3-year relationship, deciding to “move forward separately.”

Many hockey fans are upset by the news:

We hope they both find happiness heading into the new year.


That’s all for us this week, and for 2020! Thanks for following along with this fun little column the past few months. Looking forward to what 2021 brings us around the hockey world. Happy New Year!