Jumbo Joe gets his first as a Leaf in 3-2 win

After a disappointing first game in Ottawa, the Leafs looked to bounce back and get a win on the first Hockey Night in Canada of the season. Jack Campbell and Nick Robertson replaced Frederik Andersen and Alexander Barabonov, so maybe a bit of deck chair shuffling will change the momentum. The Leafs came out in…


Alright, let’s try this Battle of Ontario thing again

The Leafs look to rebound from a disappointing loss to the Ottawa Senators last night, with a win from this home-and-home series. Ottawa surprised Toronto and took control of the game from the Leafs in the second period, and got themselves a win out of it. Tonight, the Leafs will want to prove why a…


A game the Maple Leafs should look back on – Rate that Leafs game

Alright, the Toronto Maple Leafs had a bad game, but it has to get better from here, right? Giving up four goals in two-straight games is no excuse and it’s also one you don’t blame on solely a single player. There was a lot of people who went for Frederik Andersen’s head, but that’s not fair….