Photo Credit: Christian Bonin

Leafs recall two Marlies and demote Galchenyuk and Marincin

It’s a minor shuffle, but still a significant one as the taxi squad and the Marlies will both have new looks soon.

Looking at the demotions first, Galchenyuk’s trip to the AHL is by far the more interesting part of the moves as he has never played a game in the league before.
The decision to send him down shows the Leafs are committed to working with him on rediscovering his game and see him as a worthwhile project. The fact that he’s on the Marlies now shows the desire to see him in a few games to measure where he’s at and what they still need to get out of him. He’ll likely be a part of the Leafs if they believe he is ready.

As for Marincin, well, this is a sigh of relief for a lot of his detractors, but in reality he’s a safety net for the club and this is also probably a move to get him skating in a couple of games.

As for the recalls, I think there is a genuine desire to try and find a way to get Liljegren into a game for the Leafs. He’s been an absolute standout for the Marlies and is making a strong case for being NHL ready.
Agostino is a capable offensive contributor and it is also possible the Leafs see him as someone who can add some offence at the bottom of the lineup. This call up would likely have belonged to Adam Brooks, except he is presently day to day. Agostino is far less likely to find his way into the line up than Liljegren, but what he offers is different than the current taxi squaders.

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The fact that the Leafs are juggling their taxi squad on a game day might also point to some players who have been out on injury are returning to the lineup tonight, but we’ll have to wait for that confirmation.