Leafs add Ian Scott to their taxi squad

I guess it won’t be a quiet few days in Leafs land, as the day has already seen the departure of Travis Boyd, but with every departure comes a new beginning, and that new beginning is the arrival of Ian Scott.

So, the good news here is that Ian Scott is healthy enough that he can now practice and hang out in the Leafs pressbox. The other shoe that still needs to fall is what does Ian Scott being on the Leafs taxi squad mean besides the fact they want to keep Woll on the Marlies for the time being.

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Well, it could mean that Andersen is hurt enough to be going on the injured reserve.

It could mean the Leafs want Hutchinson to go down to the Marlies and get in some games.

What it means is this year and taxi squads continue to be weird, but interesting and we’ll have to wait patiently to see why this happened.


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