A farewell to Freddie? It certainly seems that way

As we go through the list of Leafs free agents it seems that Frederik Andersen is the one that is almost universally accepted as the non-rental player most likely to be swiftly shown the door this summer. It’s a shame that Andersen, the goaltender who provided the Leafs with the most consistent stretch of goaltending…


The NHL Award season mercifully ends

I’ve often said the real winner of the NHL Awards is anyone who just wants as long as possible without hearing about the NHL Awards, so in that sense, today I feel like a winner. Hooray for me. If you are a person who needs to see players from your favourite team validated with an…


Toronto Six select Maegan Beres, Tatum Skaggs, and Taylor Davison

The 2021 NWHL draft will be a bountiful experience for the Toronto Six, taking literally half of the first round and still having 5 picks in the remaining 4 rounds. Below we’ll profile the three first round selections for Toronto to give you an idea on what talent they’re adding to their roster which was…


Why the Wayne Simmonds signing makes sense

After Wayne Simmonds’ wrist injury, he wasn’t the same. We all know it. This time around, he’ll be healthy and at a cheaper price tag — for two years. There’s a lot of reasons to like this deal, and there are some question marks in terms of where he’ll play in the lineup. Everything and…


Leafs stay committed to being tougher by bringing back Simmonds

It’s generally pretty hard to get upset about depth signings like this, but I’m sure many of you will try. Yesterday in 31 Thoughts, Elliotte Friedman alluded to what we know see as official today, and that’s the Leafs have re-signed Wayne Simmonds. The Wayne Train is back! 🚂 Wayne Simmonds has signed a two-year…


Apparently the Leafs and Simmonds are working on an extension

The Leafs are chipping away at another pending free agent, as it appears they’re working on a contract extension with Wayne Simmonds. Elliotte Freidman first tweeted about it earlier today, but it also lead off his 31 Thoughts column today as well. 1. Nothing is done until it is done, but it sounds like Wayne Simmonds will be…


Jason Spezza deserves so much better

The Toronto Maple Leafs don’t deserve Jason Spezza. In the final episode of TLN’s Year In Review coverage, we look at a living legend who, despite watching this team utterly and completely crumple under pressure not once, but twice now, and is still willing to come back for more at way less than market value….