The TLN Three Stars: Take a deep breath, there’s always next game

New week, new mindset, new team, right? Not exactly. Coming off a rough 7-1 loss against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday night, the Toronto Maple Leafs were looking for redemption, and to finally bring an end to their losing streak. As the puck dropped against the Carolina Hurricanes, it looked like the Leafs were ready…


The Leafs Nation Radio Podcast: Episode 7

A new episode of The Leafs Nation Radio Podcast is out now! After the Toronto Maple Leafs lost three in a row which included a brutal 7-1 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins, Caroline, Nick Barden and Physio Mike jumped on the podcast to dissect what’s going on in Leafs Land. We touched on Auston Matthews,…


It’s only been six games… of the same old habits.

I think there’s merit to both sides of the arguments being presented by a fractured and discordant Leafs fan base right now. On one hand, yes, this team is due for a reversal of fortune. On the other hand, these 2021-22 Leafs have not given us much indication that they have learned from past mistakes….


The Leafs reunion with Freddie Andersen seems ill timed

When we last saw Frederik Andersen he was regularly imploding in the Leafs net, and it seemed like his career was coming to an unfortunate end. The Hurricanes didn’t see it that way, and walked away from a promising goaltender they were developing in favour of giving more money to Freddie. It seems like it…


Marlies and Me: Joseph Woll shines in season debut

The Toronto Marlies were ready to put their 5-0 loss to Manitoba last week behind them with a back-to-back this weekend. The first game was against the Rochester Americans, and the second was against the Cleveland Monsters. Toronto’s opening game of the weekend was one to be forgotten by the Marlies. Rochester handed them a…


Taking a not so fond look back at the start of the Leafs season

Yes, it’s very early in the Leafs season, and it seems pretty clear that things could be going better. It also seems that there are decidedly two camps in Leafs land when it comes to how to approach that slow start. There’s a “it’s only been six games, relax” crowd, and there’s a “same old…


Around the NHL: Big money going out to big name defensemen

It seems since the NHL brought in the salary cap in 2005, it seems like the league goes through a pretty consistent process every five or so years. The cap is lowered, teams spend two or three seasons trying to clear out all of their bad contracts, and the second they all do and the…