Taking a not so fond look back at the start of the Leafs season

Yes, it’s very early in the Leafs season, and it seems pretty clear that things could be going better. It also seems that there are decidedly two camps in Leafs land when it comes to how to approach that slow start. There’s a “it’s only been six games, relax” crowd, and there’s a “same old…


Around the NHL: Big money going out to big name defensemen

It seems since the NHL brought in the salary cap in 2005, it seems like the league goes through a pretty consistent process every five or so years. The cap is lowered, teams spend two or three seasons trying to clear out all of their bad contracts, and the second they all do and the…


Toronto Maple Leafs: 3 stars from week two of the season (October 17-23)

We’re now two weeks into the Toronto Maple Leafs’ 2021-22 season, and it’s safe to say this team continues to stress numerous fans out with the way they play. Whether they poorly and lose or play exceptional and still find ways to lose hockey games, this team always finds ways to make watching the majority…


The TLN Three Stars: We pretty well saw that coming, didn’t we?

After the Penguins announced that most of their players were missing, it seemed inevitable that our beloved Maple Leafs would lose this game. But to lose in such spectacular, disastrous fashion, I don’t think even the most pessimistic Leafs fan could have called that. To lose by 6 goals was depressing, to say the least….


Mitch Marner is still elite, even if it doesn’t look that way

There has been a swell of vitriol growing around Mitchell Marner. Who could blame anyone for being frustrated that the team’s supposed best player is not living up to the expectations? Especially when he basically set those expectations for himself with the very public contract negotiation where he was clearly demanding to be paid like…


TLN Three Stars: The Hutchinson Experience does not end well

The Leafs had a prime opportunity to snatch two points away from a team on the back half of a gruelling road trip. San Jose just played the night before, had to travel, and the start time for this game was an hour earlier. Should be an easy win, right? The Michael Hutchinson of old…


Leafs looking for Clutchinson to kick start their back to back

It was inevitable that we’d see Michael Hutchinson this season, but even as someone who follows the Leafs and knows of their uncanny ability to the find the most difficult path, I don’t think I would have ever guessed that Hutchinson would be playing for the Leafs by Game Five. These things happen, and as…


When it comes to Mitch Marner it’s always complicated

After the first round playoff exit last spring it seemed all but certain that there were going to be some high expectations attached to Mitch Marner and a demand for him answering his critics. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened and instead Mitch Marner has put up just one assist in the first four games, while averaging…