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Scenes from the gameday skate: Kaše out, Kämpf a game time decision for the Leafs and Reimer in for the Sharks

It’s another late night tonight, so slip on your PJs, brew a pot of coffee and see if the Leafs can go 2 for 2 to start their California roadtrip.

It seems like the past 21 games has been an exercise in understanding why Kase has missed so much time in his career. He plays an incredibly reckless style and doesn’t seem to have much regard for his health, at least within the designated hours of gametime. It seems like a good decision to pull him out and let him heal up and probably needs to be load managed to some extent throughout the season.

Semyonov coming in is another chance to get a look at a player who showed a lot of promise in the preseason and has fit with the low event style of play the Leafs are looking for from their third line.

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Signs are pointing to Kampf playing, and while it’s nice to know that the hit from the Kings game wasn’t as bad as it looks, the fact that he’s in a game time decision situation makes me feel like the Leafs should take advantage of it being Game #22 of the season, and get their guy some rest. Why not stay committed to Kampf and Kase doing everything together and let them hang out in the press box, while the Leafs get a better understanding of the current state of Kyle Clifford.

It’s hard not to like what we’ve seen from Simmonds so far this year, and giving him a chance to play up in the lineup definitely sits right with me. Personally, I’d move both Simmonds and Spezza up and play them with Kampf while letting Semyonov center Engvall and Ritchie. I’m not sure Ritchie and Simmonds together does a whole lot for anybody.

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As first reported yesterday, Woll has the goal, and Campbell will get Sunday night’s game against the Ducks. With Mrazek on the road trip we might be nearing the end of Woll’s short tour of duty with the Leafs, and this could be his last start for a little while. He’s certainly exceeded expectations, but getting Mrazek get some work soon and getting Woll some regular starts in the AHL seems like it will benefit everybody.

It was later confirmed that Reimer does in fact have the net to start against his former team, and we’ll also see Barabanov face the Leafs as a second line winger playing on the Hertl line.

Tonight’s game has the unfortunate start time of 10:30 PM ET, and it can be seen on Sportsnet Ontario.